Contracts for Web and Mobile Tracking

Certain products and certain products of our partners’ Adverta Werbeges.mbH “can only be activated with a completed and signed by the customer Vertag. These products are featured in the online store with an envelope, and with additional information in the product description. The customer has the option to purchase such products even without a contract. If you purchase such a product, do not sign a contract, takes over “Adverta Werbeges.mbH” not responsible for the activation of the device or to connect to external servers and Webortungsdienste.

Once the customer has signed a contract is “Adverta Werbeges.mbH” obliged to verify the validity or the customer data.

duration of 24 months.

Sales Promotion

inside and outside the store area

Adverta provides sales-oriented doctorate by well-trained staff in the Austrian retail market, especially in the PC industry, in photography and in the car hi-fi range. The promotion will run throughout Austria, year-round and is amplified seasonal.


Adverta has years of experience in database marketing and database switching, so that all potential customers and target groups can be selected.

Since the data often comes from different sources, these are adjusted, compared with any existing data, and imported into a marketing-grade system. With this newly developed and precisely tailored to the customer database can then pinpoint direct marketing campaigns or call actions are performed.


Adverta investigates and provides addresses for direct marketing campaigns.

Address the market is undermined a change in recent years. Formerly were mass addresses asked today in micro-marketing strategies correct address lists more crucial. This trend is determined in the B2C and the B2B area.


Adverta maintains its own, continuously occupied camp on the western outskirts of Vienna. Thus, the goods are shipped on time, optimal and cost-effective.

  • 100 sqm store
  • daily care, including out of hours
  • Same day shipping possible.Store ist heated.
  • Regular appraisals and inventory
  • Storage & Warehousing with its own database
  • Delivery by courier service, parcel post service and including posting


Adverta executes call actions in the B2B sector, and provides professional contact by telephone script and survey to extensive analyzes of the full spectrum of a sound call center.

Data analysis

The target is to get a perfect understanding of the market of our client and on this basis develop an efficient solution.

Target information

Joint processing of qualitative and quantitative targets to be achieved by the call action. The use of the conducted target group selection achieved a very high success rate.

Contact and interfaces

Includes a representation of the relationship of all areas related to the activities of the call center in conjunction.

Definition of the solution

Based on the objectives of Adverta a clear solution concept will be created and delivered to the customer in the form of a message script.

The calls will be carried out after the issue Apina system as it allows the highest graduation rates and puts the information base for the subsequent date / purchase.